Andrew & Miranda

Martin was extremely professional and helpful in assisting my wife and I in creating a memorable day. In addition to his professionalism, Martin offered much in the way of humor and his personality placed all that were involved in the wedding and the planning of the wedding at ease. We highly recommend him for anyone who is looking for insight and guidance from someone who can make the day stress free. His speaking voice is clear and presentation wonderful so that all in attendance could hear the words of the ceremony and focus on the well laid out program Martin assisted us in creating. Martin allowed us to focus on what is important the day of our wedding (family,friends, each other) and not the logistics of the ceremony. If you choose him you will be making the right choice. My wife and I run a business and know what it takes to satisfy people and how difficult it can be, Martin went above and beyond in his service which in today's world is more the exception than the rule. Thank you Martin for making our day effortless.
Hagerstown, MD