Natasha Said,"loved his personality and professionalism"
Doub's Woods Park, Hagerstown, MD on September 9, 2015
Bianca Said,"highly recommend"
Colony South, Clinton, MD on August 22, 2015
Elysabeth Said,"Exactly what we wanted"
Baker Park, Frederick, MD on May 23, 2015
Sarah Said,"absolute joy"
Chesapeake Bay Beach Club, Stevensville, MD on October 24, 2015
Jess Said,"Super responsive"
Overhills Mansion, Catonsville, MD on 7/16/16
Erin Said,"Super responsive"
Matapeake Beach, Stevensville, MD on 9/24/16
Kailen Said,"Truly cared"
Morningside Inn, Frederick, MD on 9/3/16
Savannah Said,"Very helpful and supportive"
Millersville, MD on April 9, 2016
Lorraine Said,"Save the day"
War Memorial, Washington, DC on 11/12/16
Melissa Said,"Great personality"
Valley Mansion, Hunt Valley, MD on 12/4/16