Sharee Said,"A late summer day in the great outdoors."
Gambrills State Park, Frederick, MD on September, 2013
Ray Said,"Absolutely wonderful."
Upper Marlboro, MD on May, 2013
Sharon Said,"A day at the beach"
Chesapeake Beach Spa & Resort, Chesapeake Beach, MD on November 9, 2013
Tara Said,"A Fall Wedding"
Brentwood, Washington, DC on October, 2013
Iliana Said,"very kind"
Summit Point, WV on February 22, 2015
Misty Said,"very special"
Aboard the Spirit of Washington on July 18, 2015
Donna Said,"a pleasure to meet and work with"
Aboard the Chesapeake Pearl, at the Chesapeake Maritime Musuem, St. Michaels, MD on July 4, 2015
Tazia Said,"very professional, prompt and helpful"
Billingsley Manor House, Upper Marlboro, MD on June 19, 2015
Amanda Said,"outstanding"
Kearneysville, WV on December 15, 2015
Esther Said,"Great collaboration!"
Bloomingdale Neighborhood, DC on October 12, 2013